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Ego Garden Machinery Display Stands

The customer’s brief required us to design a floor standing display unit for placement into garden centres and DIY stores across Europe. There were some key requirements – the display had to be as compact as possible, needed to be easy to assemble, had to be packaged into a single carton, and critically had to come in under a specified budget. Due to the size of the items being displayed and the required complexity of the brackets needed to support the products, the project was particularly tricky. Initially we prepared a number of concept visuals and liaised with the customer to quickly determine which design was preferred We then took the preferred concept and produced a full engineering CAD design of the proposed display, liaised with the customer to agree certain amendments to the design, before then proceeding to production of a prototype The first prototype was vital in confirming whether the various fittings of the display stand were suitable for holding the items of garden machinery in the correct positions and at the required angles on the display stand. The garden machinery also had to be held securely and safely, whilst still allowing it to be easily removed and replaced. A second prototype refined some of the dimensions and some of the product holding brackets and allowed final production CAD files to be produced Production of the display stands was then costed up for both UK and China manufacturing and our customer chose the latter due to budget constraints. The display stands were then manufactured within the agreed time frame and shipped directly from our facility in China into our customer’s warehouse in Germany The display stands will roll out across Europe throughout 2015
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