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ROBUS Lighting Display Counter Units

The customer’s brief required us to design Counter Display Stands for placement into Electrical Wholesalers and DIY Outlets across the UK.

There were some key requirements – the display had to be as compact as possible, needed to be pre-assembled, had to be packaged into a single carton, and critically had to have the lighting components installed on the unit prior to delivery.

Initially we prepared a concept visual and liaised with the customer to quickly determine that the design was suitable.

We then took the concept and produced a full engineering CAD design of the proposed display, liaised with the customer to agree certain amendments to the design, before then proceeding to production of a prototype

The first prototype was vital in confirming whether the various fittings of the display stand were suitable for holding the lighting products and that wiring plans etc were adherred to.

Production of the display stands was then costed up for both UK and China manufacturing and our customer chose the UK for lead-time purposes.

The display stands were then manufactured within the agreed time frame, lighting was delivered to our assembly department where our team installed the electrical components. Each unit was PAT tested and then delivered to our clients distribution warehouse.
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